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Road restoration in Rybnitsa region district


Work is underway to restore roads in the villages of Rybnitsa district. It was hit hard by the June rains. The most difficult situation is in the villages of Krasnenkoye and Yerzhovo. Local authorities have no way to restore the practically washed-out roads on their own. MMZ came to the rescue. One of the deputies in the Rybnitsa region Valentin Matveychuk represents the management of the Metallurgical Plant and directly supervises the work on the restoration of rural roads.

First, MMZ heavy machinery cleared rural roads, onto which the soil from the fields was washed with streams of rainwater. Now the second stage of work is underway. Roads in the affected villages are being restored from scratch. Slag is brought from the metallurgical plant. It is widely used as a base in road construction. The compacted slag is filled up with a sand-gravel mixture from above. All work on the restoration of roads in Krasnenkoye and Yerzhovo is planned to be completed within two weeks.