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The Issues of Health Protection of Citizens


The deputy corps examined a number of legislations of social orientation. The Government's initiative concerns the improvement of the law "On protection of the reproductive health of citizens and on family planning". The goal is to raise the age threshold of women from 15 to 18 years old, from which an artificial termination of pregnancy can be made without the consent of parents and other legal representatives. Thus, individuals can make independent decisions of this kind when they reach adulthood. Earlier, the law-in-draft was adopted in the first reading during the last session. By the second reading, the profile committee on social policy, health, labor, family and childhood issues prepared an amendment that introduces exceptions to the proposed norm. Deputies suppose that the artificial termination of pregnancy is possible without the consent of the parents, if before the age of 18 a woman has acquired legal capacity in full, for example, she entered into marriage. Taking into account the proposed amendment of the Committee, the government legislation was adopted in the second reading.

An initiative that deals with regulating the activities of individual entrepreneurs wishing to provide medical massage services was considered during the plenary session. The Government proposes to bring certain provisions of the law "On Private Medical Activity in Pridnestrovie" into line with the current legislation. In the opinion of the author, those wishing to engage in this type of services must have a professional medical education, a qualification category not lower than the first, and also obtain a license for medical activities and an entrepreneurial patent. The proposed changes in legislation, according to the government, differentiate between the concepts of "massage" and "medical massage".

The law-in-draft was adopted in the second final reading and sent to the President for signature in the framework of the plenary session.