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"Mars" military-patriotic camp in a new format


Military-patriotic camp "Mars" during the quarantine. Girls and boys from all over the republic will not come to the four-day camp for the first time in 16 years. The pandemic has made its own difference. The instructors (they passed the coronavirus test) in military affairs will be checked by the Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council Igor Buga, the Chairman of the republican Association of Afghan War Veterans.

The military-patriotic camp "Mars" was organized by a group of enthusiasts - defenders of Pridnestrovie and soldiers-internationalists. The camp received the status of a republican camp and still has no analogues in Pridnestrovie during this time.

Children from all cities and regions of the republic gathered in the camp every year. Last year, about 200 people tested their fortitude and endurance, this year only 30 instructors. A tent camp and interactive sites were set up in the forest near the village of Korotnoye in the Slobodzeya region. There is also a river nearby.

The organizers are confident that young Pridnestrovians will return to Mars in 2021. Classes and trainings in various military and sports disciplines, traditional competitions and songs around the fire with a guitar, games and trainings on various topics will be held again.