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Newly balanced budget


Today the deputy corps summed up the work on the formation of balanced budget. It took three months to prepare the document. Changes to the main financial document were made because of the global economic crisis, caused, among other things, by the coronavirus infection. All these factors influenced the economy of our republic. In addition, the weather conditions added complexity.

It was necessary to cut funding in a large number of areas planned for 2020 in order to maintain a balance in the state budget. The expenditures on the capital investment fund, road trust fund and environmental fund have been partially reduced.

The financing of the inter-tariff difference will remain at sufficiently high level. This will allow enterprises of natural monopolies to work and eliminate emergencies, both on the backbone and on the intra-quarter networks.

Chairman of the Supreme Council noted that the deputies are in the position of target planning. For example, the Capital Investment Fund for the last three years was adopted for one year. At the beginning of this year, it was decided that the fund should be planned for at least three years. The Government is already working in this direction. By October 1, the Supreme Council should receive the program of the Capital Investment Fund for the next 5 years. Alexander Korshunov expressed confidence that those objects that could not be financed this year will be included in the program next year or in a year.