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The Vice Speaker of the Parliament answered the Questions of the Hokkaido Shimbun Japanese newspaper Journalist


The journalist Norisada Takafumi from the Hokkaido Shimbun Japanese newspaper is in Pridnestrovie for the first time. He works in Moscow and writes about Russia and the countries of the former USSR. He emphasized in the course of the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the PMR Galina Antyufeeva that he had heard very little about our republic, he wanted to visit and see Pridnestrovie with his own eyes. The first impressions of a walk around the capital left pleasant impressions for the guests. They liked the city: it was clean, cozy and beautiful, and there were still a lot of Soviet symbols. Some questions that interested the Japanese journalist were related to this.

The Vice Speaker of the Pridnestrovian Parliament welcomed the representatives of the Japanese press in our republic and spoke about Pridnestrovie, the capital, development and problems, about the structure of the Supreme Council and the main directions of the parliament's activities.

Galina Antyufeeva told the representatives of the Japanese newspaper about the country's course towards Russia chosen by the citizens of Pridnestrovie, about the difficulties in the conditions of constant blockades and sanctions from neighboring countries, about Moscow's support (in the economy, agriculture, on helping pensioners, etc.). Russia first of all is a peacemaking country, it has kept peace in Pridnestrovie for almost 30 years, emphasized the Deputy Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council, Head of the commission on foreign policy and international affairs. They also spoke with a Japanese journalist about the difficulties that Pridnestrovians, entrepreneurs, industrialists and the banking sector have been experiencing recently in connection with the restriction of transport movement across the Ukrainian border and with Moldova's refusal to register accounts of Pridnestrovian economic agents on its territory.

Galina Antyufeeva emphasized that the deputies of the PMR Supreme Council represent the interests of their voters. All problems associated with blockade actions by Chisinau and Kiev must be resolved at the negotiating table. It is necessary for this to achieve the resumption of the work of the "5 + 2" negotiation format, which has been in stagnation in recent years.