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Listen, help, suggest


As always, there are more than one dozen citizens who applied with various problems at the reception of the vice-speaker of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeeva. It is possible to allocate socially significant from the list of references: questions of a provision of pensions, citizenship acquisition, registration, employment, medical service. Particular attention to the problem of everyone - to listen, suggest a solution, help not only with words, but with deeds. This is how the reception is held by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council.

Anna Klimenko, a young mother of one-year-old son, appealed to the Vice-Speaker for help in getting a room in the hostel. She is a single mother and lives in a room at an orphanage. A young woman does not have helpers: neither her husband nor her parents. Since the son is still very small, it does not work anywhere. She lives on childcare allowance. She does not have her own house. After listening to the problem, Galina Antyufeeva promised to personally get to know the situation, help in solving it.

Anna Mocanu and her husband last year registered custody of twins of 13 years of age. Prior to this, adolescents were pupils of an orphanage. Children live in the family for more than a year. And parents can not register them in their apartment. There is a problem with previously issued documents in the orphanage. The Vice-Speaker took the issue under control, instructing to study the issue individually.

A number of citizens' applications concerned obtaining citizenship, both Pridnestrovian and Russian. Basically, these are residents of Pridnestrovie who have Moldovan citizenship. This is due to the possibility of acquiring social guarantees, which today are available to holders of Russian passports.

Not for the first time at the reception of the vice-speaker, former employees of JSC Electroapparatura. They have addressed a problem that has not been solved for more than a year. The plant on which they worked, was declared bankrupt. Before former employees there were considerable wages debts. According to Galina Antyufeeva, the problem must be solved at the Government level. Funds that are not paid to factory employees need to plan in the budget.