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Citizens appeal to Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeva on a variety of issues. Most often they relate to pensions, registration of Russian citizenship, health care, rendering assistance in difficult life circumstances. Twelve people came today at the next reception of citizens to the vice-speaker.

Pensioner Raisa Grigorieva cannot obtain Russian citizenship because of the discrepancy in the documents. The name and surname are recorded in different ways in the birth certificate issued in 1937, and the passport. Documents in the office of the Russian consulate are not accepted for this reason. As noted by the vice-speaker, this problem is not so rare. Errors in filling personal data were allowed, especially in rural areas. This conflict can be resolved by re-registering previously received documents. Galina Antyufeeva took the decision of the problem under personal control.

It was possible during the reception to solve the issue of employment of two Tiraspol residents. One of them Sergey Sevastyanov has a working specialty as a painter, but for a long time he cannot find a job. A man independently brings up his daughter, so he needs constant earnings. The man with the assistance of the vice-speaker scheduled an interview with one of the city's enterprises.

Alla Chumachenko came to thank the vice-speaker for the help. A few months ago, the husband of a woman turned to the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council and spoke about her health problems. The resident of Tiraspol was assisted in treatment. Now she and her husband are looking for work. Galina Antyufeeva connected to the solution of the problem.

The vice speaker and citizens who need assistance in resolving issues relating to pardon or parole of convicted relatives are also turning to the vice speaker. The Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council, being the chairman of the profile parliamentary committee, is well acquainted with these issues and always gives detailed advice.