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Certificates were awarded in school of the village of Krasnoye


Certificates were awarded to 14 school graduates in the village of Krasnoye, Slobodzeya district. 4 of them are medalists: 1 gold and 3 silver. Due to quarantine measures, the holiday was modest, only the solemn part without a graduation party. The distance is one and a half meters, the teachers are wearing gloves. Deputy of the Supreme Council for the constituency No. 26 "Krasnyansky" Sergey Cheban congratulated the graduates.

More than 400 children study at the Krasnyanskaya school. This is a big figure for a small village. Traditions are kept in this school, a team of teachers with high professional qualities is assembled here, the deputy noted.

The parliamentarian is a frequent guest here; he regularly renders all kinds of assistance to the school. The plans for this year are to make a fence around the school stadium.

Beautification of the stadium is included in the program of the Fund of voters' orders for this year. The plans and arrangement of treadmills around the stadium under the program of the Investment Fund. The project is temporarily suspended.