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Deputies discussed legislations that will be on the agendas of the next plenary sessions. As previously determined, the nearest one is scheduled for May 29th. The list of issues was placed for discussion by the deputies is the draft of the state target program “Development Strategy of PSU named after Shevchenko for the period 2019-2023". The work on the document included consultations with representatives of the main university of the republic, work on amendments. All of them were unanimously supported by the Committee on Education, Science and Culture. According to the rector of PSU Stepan Beryl, the document take into account the various components of the university’s activities. As noted by the Head of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture Mikhail Burla, it is not only about training, but also about training highly qualified personnel, improving the material and technical base of the university, and broad interaction with universities and research institutions of Russia and the CIS countries.

Development strategy of the PSU Shevchenko for the next five years is a clearly built program document. It defines the main directions of development and functions of the leading research, cultural and educational center of Pridnestrovie. Of course, funds are needed for the implementation of the state program. It is assumed that the source of funding will be not only the budget, but also the funds that PSU receives through the provision of paid educational services. The price of the issue is 37 million rubles. They hope for investment resources that can be obtained from outside.

The funds are directed to the acquisition of computers, teaching, reference and encyclopedic literature; travel expenses for the preparation and protection of 30 doctoral and 200 master's theses. There are plans to improve the qualifications of the faculty, including in the Russian Federation, the participation of students in international projects and programs of scientific, creative and sports orientation. The purchase of educational and scientific equipment to equip experimental departments, research laboratories, small innovative enterprises, the repair of buildings and premises of the university, and much more seems important. By decision of the presidium, the draft strategic program will be submitted for consideration in the second reading in early June. The remaining time, as explained by the head of the relevant committee Mikhail Burla, will be needed to conduct final consultations and “polish” the provisions of the document.

Amendments and additions to the law “On share fees” are included to the agenda. The document was developed by a group of deputies - members of the Committee on the APC, and is due to the need for legal regulation of the issue of granting benefits for the payment of share fees.

Deputy Anton Onufrienko proposes at the legislative level to solve the problem associated with the unreasonable refusal of specialized enterprises to enter into contracts for the provision of services for the removal of solid waste. The author proposes to charge them a fine in the amount of from 100 to 200 MW.  The introduction of administrative responsibility, the deputy is confident, will help protect the interests of citizens. The law-in-draft will be submitted for consideration in the first reading. Anton Onufrienko also supposes: if the owner concludes an agreement for the provision of services for the collection and disposal of garbage in the absence of the prescribed, the payment for the removal of solid waste should not be levied.

The profile committee supported the initiative of the colleague; the law-in-draft is also planned to be submitted for discussion by the deputies.