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The agenda of the upcoming plenary meetings of the Supreme Council will be replenished with a number of legislations prepared for consideration by members of the Committee on Public Associations. Today, the documents were submitted for discussion by the presidium of the legislative body of the republic. The meeting was chaired by Galina Antyufeyeva. The vice speaker said that the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov is on a business trip. He will take part in the inauguration of the President of Abkhazia. The inauguration ceremony of Raul Khajimba will be held on Wednesday, October 9th.

Two legislations has been prepared for the second and final reading, introducing amendments and additions to the laws “On protecting children from information harmful to their health and development” and “On information, information technologies and information protection”. They are submitted for consideration as legislative initiative by deputies of the Supreme Council Igor Buga, Ruslan Gareev, Pavel Shinkaryuk and Andrei Safonov and are aimed at improving the level of protection of children from illegal information disseminated through the global Internet. This is about information aimed at inducing or otherwise involving minors in committing unlawful acts that pose a threat to their life and health or to the life and health of others. The authors consider that the authorities ’response to destructive actions should be immediate. Upon receipt of a notification from the hosting provider about the need to delete a section of the site and (or) the Internet page containing information the distribution of which is prohibited in the country, the site owner must immediately delete it.  

Amendments to the law "On state youth policy" will be submitted for consideration in the second reading. The author of the law-in-draft innovative for our republic was deputy Igor Buga. He proposed to establish that youth (young citizens, persons of youth age) must be considered a socio-demographic group of citizens under the age of 35 years.

Currently, in accordance with current legislation, this demographic group includes young people under the age of 30 years. In Russia, this age level is raised to 35 years. Accordingly, the youth will be a socio-demographic group of citizens aged 14 to 35 years. Moreover, the family will be considered young during the first five years after marriage, in which the age of at least one of the spouses does not exceed 35 years. An incomplete family consisting of a parent under the age of 35 and a minor child will also be considered young.

Earlier at the youth rally, which was held in April 2019, its participants suggested that it is necessary to legislatively consolidate the increase in the limit of the age limit of youth. The specified request found its support from the President. An appropriate legislative initiative was developed as soon as possible. Already in July, the draft law passed the first reading procedure. Today the document is ready for consideration in the second, final reading.

Currently, parliamentary committees are considering law-in-draft on the republican budget for 2020. To date, the document has been discussed in two committees - the Committee on Public Associations and the Committee on Legislation. All conclusions and suggestions will be sent to the responsible committee, where they will be analyzed and summarized. According to its chairman Oleg Vasilatiy, presumably the first reading of the draft budget 2020 will take place in November.

The next meeting of the Supreme Council will be held on October 16.