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The Veteran and Writer accepts Congratulations


The 94th birthday was celebrated on the 4th of April by the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, poet and prose writer Georgy Yakovlevich Panov. The veteran always has a lot of guests, friends, colleagues, students of Bendery school №11 come to congratulate on holidays. The veteran held class hours, told the children about the Great Patriotic War in the educational institution. Georgy Panov received congratulations by phone because of the quarantine this year. Deputy from the constituency No. 4 "Leninsky" Anton Onufrienko came to the veteran to present the Diploma of the Supreme Council in compliance with sanitary standards today.

Georgy Panov was born in 1927. After the 9th grade in 1944 he volunteered for the army, he studied the military profession at the Kharkov Military Aviation School. It was located in Krasnoyarsk during the war. He served in the 582nd Fighter Aviation Regiment when the Soviet-Japanese war began.

The veteran is the author of 17 books, 6 of which are written for children. Georgy Panov talks about people and events of the Great Patriotic War in his works. Georgy Yakovlevich was a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR. The Pobeda newspaper published his articles about veterans.