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The school No. 5 in Dubossary celebrated the 120th anniversary


Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Boris German congratulated the staff of the Dubossary Regional Secondary School number 5 on its 120th anniversary. The deputy emphasized that not every school can boast of such a long way of life and development.

Boris German gave the school an extract from archival documents about the school's first teacher. It says that the priest Borzhakov Alexander Arkhipovich, 56 years old, a graduate of the Chisinau Theological Seminary, a teacher of the law and head of the parish school.

The history of school No. 5 began in 1901, when a one-class parochial school was opened to study theology and the basics of reading and writing. The school was headed by Parabin Alexander Yakovlevich after the revolution. Together with his wife Larisa Grigorievna who was a teacher at the school, he organized educational programs. At the beginning of the 30s of the XX century, the school was seven years old. The school was Ukrainian until 1951. Since 1951 it has become a Russian seven-year school, since 1964 - Bolshe-Fontanskaya Russian secondary school.

The deputy assisted the school in installing lighting fixtures in the offices of several classrooms. Nowadays more than 250 pupils study at the school number 5 in Dubossary.