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The 29th Anniversary of the Supreme Council


Congratulations were read to the Supreme Council from the deputies of the State Duma and the Council of the Federation of Russia during the solemn meeting.

The State Duma Deputy Sergei Chizhov in his welcoming address noted that the Supreme Council played one of the most important roles in the creation and establishment of the republic. It was on the shoulders of the first deputies that the responsibility lay in the formation of all state bodies of the young state. The congratulation emphasized that today the supreme legislative body has created a solid legal framework that allows the republic to successfully develop, implement significant projects in the fields of economy, education, healthcare, culture, and pursue an effective social policy. Laws and legal acts adopted by parliament today contribute to solving problems and improving the quality of life of Pridnestrovians.

The State Duma Deputy Artem Turov in his congratulations wished the deputies and the Supreme Council an inexhaustible source of energy, vitality and faith in a just cause.

The State Duma deputy Alexander Yaroshuk joined the congratulations. He recalled that currently there is an active work on improving our legislation and its harmonization with the laws of the Russian Federation on the way of integrating Pridnestrovie into a single cultural, humanitarian and social Eurasian space. Alexander Yaroshuk wished wise and balanced decisions, as well as success in the sphere of lawmaking for the benefit of the republic and the people of Pridnestrovie to the leadership of the Supreme Council and the Deputies.

The distinguished employees of the apparatus and deputies at the solemn meeting were noted with high Presidential awards, letters of appreciation and letters of thanks of the leadership of the Supreme Council.