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The Supreme Council approved the reports of the chief editors of state media on the work for 2020


The main challenge that television, radio, newspapers and news agency coped with last year is a quick and high-quality transition to social networks and the format of online work. Many employees in the conditions of the pandemic and quarantine worked from home or on schedule, but despite this, journalists from state media prepared and aired new headings, program cycles and projects. They were mainly dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 30th anniversary of the creation of the PMR last year. All the nuances of working during the pandemic, how to diversify content and attract a young audience – is in the reports of the chief editors of 6 state media.

When discussing the reports of the editors-in-chief of state print media - the Pridnestrovie, Gomin and Adevarul Nistryan newspapers - the deputies focused on increasing the circulation like last year. It is important to preserve printed publications in three official languages, therefore newspapers need help and the issue of subscription by authorities of all levels should be raised at the level of the PMR Government.

The reports of the chief editors of state mass media on the work for 2020 were approved by the deputies of the PMR Supreme Council in the course of the plenary session on the 9th of June.