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The Supreme Council approved the candidacy of Alexander Martynov


The Supreme Council agreed to appoint Alexander Martynov to the post of Chairman of the Government. He has held this post for the last 5 years. The PMR President took part in today's plenary session of the Supreme Council. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke about the achievements of the legislative and executive bodies of state power and what will be the focus of attention in the future.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Head of the Legislation Committee Galina Antyufeeva noted that five years ago the PMR President presented a worthy candidate for the post of Prime Minister, and the Supreme Council supported her. The profile committee again agreed to the appointment of the Prime Minister of the PMR Alexander Martynov.

The deputies voted unanimously for the candidacy of Alexander Martynov. He will continue his activities for the next five years as Chairman of the Government.

The PMR Government Chairman emphasized in his speech that over the past five years, indeed, an effective dialogue between state authorities and the public has been established. This allows you to identify problems in a timely manner and promptly influence their solution.