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Every vote is important


The elections of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic will take place on the 12th of December. The deputies of the Youth Parliament appealed to the youth of the republic and called on them to come to the polling stations this Sunday and cast their vote for the future of Pridnestrovie.

“Pridnestrovie chooses President who over the next 5 years, will have to determine the course of Pridnestrovie, contribute to its progressive development and prosperity, take measures to preserve the independence and state sovereignty of the country! By coming to the polling stations and casting your vote, you have a unique chance to open a new page in the modern history of Pridnestrovie, to become accomplices in the main political event of the outgoing year. The voice of each of you is important!" – Chairman of the Youth Parliament commission for the development of international relations Vasily Badyan addressed the young Pridnestrovians.

“We urge the young generation of our republic not to ignore the upcoming elections, but to come and vote for a stable future and new prospects for young people. Only together we will be able to achieve great results”, - said the press secretary of the Youth Parliament of the PMR Igor Kirichenko.

“You have to fight for your right to a better life. All sides can be laid on the sofa. At the same time, you will not be interesting to anyone. Indifference breeds indifference. This is your right and your opportunities, which must be defended, including by participating in the elections!" - the Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament Dmitry Prokhorenko called on the youth.

“The essence of the elections is not only to come to the polling station and put a tick for a certain candidate. This is first of all an opportunity for a young person to prove to himself that his voice is important and will affect the future development of the country, where he will have to study, work, create a family and raise children. When you reached the age of majority, you began to have the right to vote, so use it correctly”, chairman of the Youth Parliament emphasized Roman Efodiev in his appeal to come to the polls.