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Vadim Krasnoselsky, "We are for the negotiation process, the solution of the social and economic problems of Pridnestrovians, but on the basis of statehood"


The foreign policy situation was discussed at the meeting of the Consultative Meeting of the first Pridnestrovian deputies under the Chairman of the Supreme Council. The President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Speaker and Vice Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba and Galina Antyufeeva, Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev took part in its work. The President Vadim Krasnoselsky told about how the leadership of the state is building the foreign policy, problems and prospects of the negotiation process, the founders of the republic.

Addressing the members of the Consultative Meeting, the head of state said that foreign policy issues have always been and remain among the priorities of state policy. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky once again emphasized the unchanged position of the republic's leadership. Attempts to discuss the issues of political status are untimely and inappropriate. The status of Pridnestrovie was defined by the people in the 2006 referendum the President is sure.

In this regard, the President drew attention to the inconsistency of the position of Moldovan President Igor Dodon - first he supports federation, then autonomy, then a "special status". Despite the fact that several meetings of the presidents took place this year, it was not possible to solve the issues of concern to citizens. Pridnestrovie unilaterally simplified the migration regime for foreign citizens, stopped 10 criminal cases against Moldovan officials, regulated the functioning of Moldovan schools teaching in Romanian language using Latin script and the work of Moldovan farmers on land adjacent to the border.

The President outlined the actual problems that need to be solved: unlocking of Slobodka; recognition of CCP diplomas; opening of a bridge across the Dniester River in the area of. Bychok with a mandatory condition of guarantees for its non-use for military purposes; approval of international registration plate for Pridnestrovian transport.

The founders of the republic asked the President questions of interest to them. One of them concerned Moldo-Ukrainian border posts on the border of Pridnestrovie. According to the President, when the negotiations are resumed in the "5 + 2" format, this issue should be the first one on the agenda.

The first Pridnestrovian deputies are also worried about economic issues. In this regard, the head of state drew attention to the positive dynamics of this year. Despite the difficulties, production in general grew by 6.4%, exports by 36%, in particular, to the Russian Federation - by 51%, imports increased by 25%, and retail trade by 20%.

Following the meeting, the founders of the republic expressed their support for the appeal of the leadership of Pridnestrovie to the UN with a request to grant the republic the status of an observer in this international organization; recommended that the foreign policy department pay more attention to informing citizens about the negotiation process, including the already reached agreements.