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Vadim Krasnoselsky, “The future of Pridnestrovie is a flourishing state, attractive and comfortable for living”


The President held an expanded meeting on the development of human settlements infrastructure. The discussion was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov and the Head of the Committee on agribusiness, transport, construction, natural resources and the environment Oleg Leontyev. According to the official website of the President, the heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic informed about progress in this direction and promising plans for improvement.

The deputy head of the capital administration Nikolay Obruchkov talked about how work is being carried out on the most global socio-infrastructural project of Tiraspol - Central Catherine Park, in de Volan square. Speaking about plans for the future, he announced the availability of at least a dozen projects, including in the sphere of education.

The Head of the Bendery administration Roman Ivanchenko listed more than a dozen areas of city improvement. We are talking about the reconstruction and repair of city parks, the auditorium House of culture named after Tkachenko, square and fountain on the street 40 years of the Komsomol. Recently opened a new trolleybus line (route 1A). The work will continue on the improvement of the already functioning city beach, receiving 400-500 vacationers daily. The President, praising the efforts of the city leadership and the results of the work done, called on the heads of administrations of other cities and regions of the republic located along the Dniester to pay attention to the Bendery experience and pay attention to the beaches and recreation areas on the river bank.

Vasily Tishchenko said that Slobodzeya is preparing to celebrate the 250th anniversary, therefore, increased attention is paid to preparing for the holiday. Despite such a significant anniversary, the city will celebrate the foundation day on September 21 for the first time. This date was recently discovered in the archives.

 The head of the Gregoriopol administration Oleg Gabuzha informed the meeting participants about the improvement of the Central Park of Culture and Rest. It is carried out taking into account the capabilities of people with disabilities. The question of restoring the Vostok cinema remains open: the city is in search of a contractor. The President instructed to intensify work in this direction. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the fate of the recreation center in the village of Malaesti, which has been functioning without heating for more than three decades. Oleg Gabuja said that the reconstruction project is ready.

According to Ruslan Chaban, the legendary T-34 has an artistic highlight. This object is of particular importance for residents of the city. Established half a century ago, the tank was raised from the bottom of the river two decades after the end of World War II. Two Heroes of the Soviet Union - members of the crew of the military machine are buried at the foot of the monument. In addition to them, two Heroes of the Soviet Union rest on the Dubossar Mound of Glory, whose life was cut short after the war. Another monument, the history of which was stopped by the head of the district, is the so-called “Boy with a dove”. The sculpture was destroyed in the early 90s by numerous shots of Moldavian nationalists. On the eve of the anniversaries of the Victory and the creation of Pridnestrovie, residents of Dubossary dream of restoring the monument. The Head of Dubossary spoke about the development of tourism. The opening of a tasting room and the Bouquet of Moldavia Museum in early September will help increase interest in the region.

According to Viktor Tyagai, Head of the Rybnitsa region, immediate improvement plans are planned until 2022. An important infrastructure event for the local population is the reconstruction of the fountain in the city park. Qualitative changes await the central square, plans to improve the Dniester embankment, involving a breakdown of the park in Valchenko microdistrict.

The leadership of the Kamensky district was instructed to develop a project for the revival of the Wittgenstein park, laid back in 1819. The head of the district said that the design work is ongoing. It should be completed by the end of September. The President urged not to delay the work. He also inquired whether repairs are being carried out in the recreation center of the village of Katerinovka. The houses of culture are in demand, and the duty of the state is to bring them in line with their name and status, to make them truly cultural, creative, educational, educational centers that unite villagers and consolidate them in their homeland, Vadim Krasnoselsky believes.

During the meeting, with the participation of the leadership of the Government of the PMR, the Supreme Council and state administrations, they talked about new technologies, the use of which will make it possible to reduce the cost and speed up the process of updating the roadbed, and most importantly, to make the work more efficient. In this regard, the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov was interested in pricing issues. They also talked about the readiness of cities and regions for the beginning of the school year. The objects of the education sector for the most part are already ready to accept students and pupils, or work on them is at the final stage. Another area of ​​discussion is the improvement of military graves. Representatives of cities and districts spoke about measures taken to bring monuments, memorial places and graves of defenders in proper form on the eve of Victory Day and the anniversary of the creation of the republic. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted, the places reserved for the burial of defenders who died after military events remain without due attention.

Sports topics were not left without attention today. The head of state raised the topic of introducing youth to football - the most popular and most accessible sport. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers it necessary to maximize the involvement of the education system in this work. On the initiative of the President, the practice of holding “Leather Ball” tournaments will be resumed already in the coming academic year. Football Federation of Pridnestrovie is in charge of this direction.

Concluding the four-hour working conversation, Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked the heads of state administrations for the efforts made to improve cities and regions. The President called their work important and, most importantly, productive, aiming at its effective continuation.