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Vadim Doni, "Investment laws - in the practical plane"


The result of a four-month hard work of the subjects of the right of legislative initiative was the adoption by the Supreme Council of a package of legislations, designed to increase the level of investment attractiveness of Pridnestrovie. The deputy corps considered about three hundred amendments, received both from the government, people's representatives, and from public organizations representing the interests of business. Experts at the legislative level, experts in the sphere of investment policy, including foreign ones, recognize as unprecedented. This is indeed true: a reduction in the taxable base for corporate income tax, the establishment of preferential rates of unified social tax, land tax benefits, the provision of investment subsidies and other benefits and preferences plus legislative guarantees on behalf of the state for a long time.

Deputy of the responsible committee supposes that it is fundamentally incorrect for the specific work to be entrusted exclusively to the government, and then with it also to ask for the implementation of the provisions of the investment laws that came into force.

One of the most effective instruments contributing to attracting investments to the republic is the holding of the Pridnestrovian international investment and economic forum. Deputy. chairman of the responsible parliamentary committee Vadim Doni represented the Supreme Council at the first meeting of the organizing committee for its preparation and holding. It also includes representatives of the government, the Presidential Administration, ministries, departments, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the PSU.

Among the invited there will be, first of all, organizations, enterprises, businessmen, with which Pridnestrovie already cooperates, in particular, “OPORA of Russia”, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, a number of non-profit organizations dealing directly with investment activities, including from abroad. At this site, Pridnestrovians need to show maximum openness and willingness to cooperate on a new legislative basis, which is represented by updated investment legislation.

A number of such investment projects need to be prepared for consideration at the forthcoming autumn of the Pridnestrovian International Investment and Economic Forum 2018. This direction with specific projects should form the basis for the state-implemented policy of filling investment legislation with specific content.

An important component of the activity to stimulate investments in the economy of Pridnestrovie is the information one. We, following the example of other states, need to create a separate Internet portal dedicated to the forum in which participants could register and receive the necessary information, including those relating to the legislation in force in the country in this sphere, as well as specific investment projects, the implementation of which will lead to the emergence of new jobs, increased tax deductions.

As it was emphasized by the participants of the first meeting of the organizing committee for the preparation and holding of the Pridnestrovian International Investment and Economic Forum, its main goal is to demonstrate the advantages of our legislation in the sphere of investment and the formation of prerequisites for investing in the Pridnestrovian economy.