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Is there truth in the dispute?


Work on the concept of fiscal and tax policy for 2018 and medium term, the adoption of which will help to formulate the state budget for the next year, reached the home stretch. It was conducted literally "from the wheels", since the highest executive body of power failed to present it in time to the court of the deputy corps. It was adopted in the first reading last week. The initiator of the concept - the government - agreed to work together on amendments for its adoption in the second reading until the spring session of the 6th convocation is over. This week the people's representatives have done a great job. At the end of the working day yesterday, this document was once again considered by the deputies of “The Obnovlenie” parliamentary faction.

Oleg Vasilaty informed on the amendments made by the people's deputies in the first reading of the concept of changes of colleagues in the faction. Deputies insist on maintaining the existing tax system, including in the sphere of individual entrepreneurship. At the same time, a mechanism for differentiated land taxation is required, depending on its location. The budget policy at the same time must undergo changes in the direction of reducing unproductive expenditures, unreasonable formation of states. Here an important role should be played by the law "On Public Procurement in Pridnestrovie", which is new for the legal environment of Pridnestrovie. Parliamentarians allocate special role to the development of such important social sectors as medicine and education. It is also important to determine the sectors that need government support, and the import substitution program should be among the first. The parliamentarians are convinced that Funds of trust (Road, Environmental) should be spent strictly on purpose.

Representatives of the Government, who participated in the meeting of “The Obnovlenie” parliamentary faction, interpreted the set of amendments as changing the very concept and suggested not to accept it in this form, but to continue working on it together and re-submit the already agreed document for consideration by the Supreme Council in September. It is noteworthy that this morning a government meeting was scheduled to determine the way out of the current situation.

In the course of the discussion of this issue on the agenda of the faction meeting, deputy Oleg Leontiev expressed his fears that timely failure to adopt a concept of fiscal and tax policy could negatively affect the timing of the submission of tax laws by the government (to be adopted by the Supreme Council, signed by the president and published before October 1) and as a whole on the process of considering the law-in-draft on the republican budget for the next year.

The position of “The Obnovlenie” members on this issue was unambiguous: we want to make the concept of fiscal and tax policy a working document that would become a kind of common for both the government and the Supreme Council "roadmap" for our further development.