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The Single Voting Day is over in Russia


There were about 5 thousand elections of various levels - from municipal to governor in 80 regions on September 9. Citizens voted for the main subjects, in 16 - for deputies of local parliaments, and in 12 subjects - for deputies of city dumas, as well as for several thousand municipal chapters and parliamentarians in 22 regions. Separately held by-election of State Duma deputies. The CEC data show that Russians showed interest in regional elections - turnout varies from 27% to 35%. The head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova emphasized that she fully justified "summer sites", first created outside of Moscow to vote in the mayoral elections in Moscow. "The Mobile voter", which gives the opportunity to vote not at the place of residence, but on any other convenient site. Approximately one million applications for voting at the place of residence were filed in these regional elections. The leader in the number of applications was Moscow, where 284.4 thousand were submitted.

The competition was high at the by-elections to the State Duma. The future deputies were elected in seven single-mandate districts in six regions - the Amur, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saratov and Tver regions. The mandates became vacant for various reasons, mainly because legislators moved to work in executive bodies. "The United Russia", the Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and "The Fair Russia", "The Yabloko", "The Communists of Russia" and "The Party of Pensioners".According to the decisions of the election commission, six candidates applied for one mandate on average. The head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova stated: the campaign turned out to be truly competitive.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sergei Neverov, head of "The United Russia", voted in the Pavlovskaya Sloboda of the Moscow Region in the election of the head of the region and municipal deputies.

The head of the CEC named the leaders of voting at the by-elections of the State Duma deputies. In the Amur region, Andrei Kuzmin from the LDPR leads, in the Kaliningrad region the majority voted for Alexander Yaroshuk from United Russia, and in the Nizhny Novgorod region - his party counterpart Dmitry Svatkovsky. The candidate from "The United Russia" Alexander Khinshtein ranks first in the Samara region, and in the Saratov region Olga Alimova of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and "The United Russia" Yevgeny Primakov are leading, in the Tver region - Sergey Veremeenko, from "The United Russia" in two single-member districts.

The CEC has done a great job of preventing possible violations in elections. In particular, video surveillance was organized in most regions - by 14.5 thousand sites.