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Losses from the past rain with hail will be calculated in the Rybnitsa district


The interagency commission will calculate the losses from rain and hail, which took place last Friday in the Rybnitsa district. This was announced today by the Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council in the constituency No. 18 Vadim Kravchuk.

The other day, the parliamentarian posted on his page on social networks photos of the consequences of a natural disaster in the villages of Jerzhovo and Saracea. Vadim Kravchuk on Saturday morning, along with the heads of villages, examined the places that were most affected by the flow of water, dirt and debris. In the villages of the Rybnitsa district, houses, yards and kitchen gardens are flooded.

Today, the parliamentarian said: experts from the PMR Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources were invited to calculate the damage caused by the disaster.

Most of all due to precipitation in the Rybnitsa district, the village of Krasnenkoe was affected. It is located in constituency No. 22. Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council, Vasily Kunitsky, said that he personally examined the consequences of the disaster yesterday. The situation is deplorable.

Vasily Kunitsky noted that the whole village suffered, water came into the houses. Dirt roads became like dried up river beds, all the soil was washed away from them, and even asphalt on the highway. Residents of Krasnenkoye turned to the Deputy and the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant with a request to help put the roads in order.

Deputies of the Supreme Council Vadim Kravchuk and Vasily Kunitsky are in touch with the heads of villages and the leadership of the Rybnitsa region in order to know everything about the situation in the affected villages.