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Pridnestrovie tightens administrative and criminal liability for non-compliance with quarantine


Now, if the coronavirus is confirmed, and for non-compliance with the quarantine, they can be fined, arrested, or even imprisoned for refusing hospitalization. Fine of 5 to 25 MW has been prescribed for the deliberate spread of any infectious disease in the legislation. The law-in-draft adopted today tightened liability measures for evading compulsory hospitalization for medical examination or for temporary isolation of citizens with suspected infectious disease. Innovations to deputies of the Supreme Council at the plenary session were presented by an employee of the operational headquarters for the prevention and prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection.

If a resident of the republic will be officially confirmed infected with coronavirus and at the same time he will evade the mandatory instructions of doctors to examine, treat, isolate and be in quarantine, law enforcement agencies can open a criminal case against him. In this case, the court may decide to imprison him for up to 5 years.

These amendments to the law “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population”, the Civil Procedure Code, the Criminal Codes and the Code of Administrative Offenses, on the proposal of the deputies of the Legislation Committee, will be valid until September 1, 2020.