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Early voting on the PMR President elections took place in Pridnestrovie


Early voting for the election of the PMR President has begun in the republic at polling stations. Everyone who will be away on a business trip or on personal business on December 12, will be at work or service, have the opportunity to vote early. This can be done at the polling stations at the place of registration from 8.00 to 20.00 on December 10 and 11.

This morning there were already those who wanted to vote early at the polling station No. 191 in the school of the village of Sukleya, Slobodzeya region. Ballots cannot be thrown into the ballot box on early voting days; they are kept in a safe until election day.

1194 voters totally were registered at the precinct in the school of Sukleya. Those who have recently changed their place of registration may not be on the main lists, and they are added to additional lists. The Election Commission is also accepting applications for December 12 for voting at home.

Election Commission No. 191 advises residents of the village of Sukleya about where and when they can vote, and on December 12 they are waiting for all voters to vote for the PMR President. 5 polling stations in total  will operate in Sukleya, 257 throughout the republic.