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In anticipation of the first reading of the draft budget 2019


Members of the Presidium of the Supreme Council considered the issues on the agenda of the upcoming plenary sessions. It is scheduled for October 10 and 24. The subject of discussion was also a number of organizational issues.

The head of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Alexander Korshunov, informed the deputies about the work of the relevant committee on the law-in-draft “On the republican budget 2019” submitted to the Supreme Council. He drew attention of his colleagues to the necessity to discuss the document at meetings of parliamentary committees and give their conclusions in the near future. The draft of the main financial law of the year is planned to be submitted for consideration on first reading in two or three weeks. Before this time, Alexander Korshunov emphasized that a number of controversial issues are to be resolved.

Members of the presidium drew attention to the need for discussion on the eve of the first reading of the draft budget and other conceptual issues. According to parliamentarians, issues of social security of citizens are among the top priorities.

It was decided in the course of the discussion to hold hearings on the basis of the Committee on Economic Policy. All raised by the legislators relevant issues will be directed to the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Alexandra Shcherba.

Legislators during the session of the Supreme Council tomorrow will have to consider in the second reading amendments to the Constitution, laws “On the status of judges in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic”, “On Constitutional Court of Pridnestrovie”, presented by a large group of deputies. The purpose of the legislative initiative is to increase the effectiveness of the administration of justice in the Constitutional Court of the Republic. Law-in-draft “On Amendments to the Constitutional Law “On the Judicial System in the PMR” will be considered in the second reading. Galina Antyufeyeva and Grigory Dyachenko propose raising the age limit for the Constitutional Court judge from 65 to 70 years. The deputies are authors of another initiative. According to numerous voter requests, the deputies propose to amend the law “On the passport of a citizen of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” and fix the obligation of the authorized executive body of the government to return the passport of a citizen of the USSR at the request of the applicant. The Committee on Economy was the author of the amendments to the law “On additional measures aimed at stabilizing the economy of the PMR”. The goal of the initiative is to support enterprises of the republic.