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In search of the "golden mean"


The working week is finishing, which for the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba ends with another reception of citizens on personal issues.

A resident of the house 1 "b" in Chapaeva Street, in Suklea, Nina Brodetskaya asks the head of the legislature to facilitate the process of transferring their multi-storey house located at the junction of the capital and a suburban village located in the administrative territory of the Slobodzeya district to the city housing stock. 44 signatures of the 60 apartments were collected. There have already been similar precedents. There is a partnership of proprietors of habitation in this house since 2015.

Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba assured that he supports the residents of the house in this endeavor.

Deputy of the Dubossary city council Andrey Synkov, from the first minutes of the meeting with the speaker, invited Alexander Shcherba to visit his 16th constituency.

Andrei Synkov, in the course of his reception with the speaker, voiced a number of proposals on changing the current legislation. The first question that worries him and his voters is the numerous cars, in violation of the current norms parking in the courtyards of multi-storey houses. Specialized transport often because of this cannot approach the house.

Issues of employment of young professionals, conflicts of interests between them and people working at retirement age, improvement of the functioning of employment centers were also discussed in the course of dialogue of deputies of different levels.

A resident of Ternovka, Valentina Bragnebun, together with her husband and son, since 2011, work in their own farm, they cultivate 18.8 hectares of land, and they have 36 cows. The grazing is a problem. They ask to allocate 7 hectares from 33 public pastures No.2 to them and fix them. However, this contradicts the interests of other villagers who graze their cattle there.

During the conversation, they found necessity to develop and adopt the law "On subsidiary farming", which is absent while in the legal base of Pridnestrovie. This was one of the requests with which a resident of Ternovka came to the reception to the head of the republic's legislative body. So there is a law-making process, so the laws are born.