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In memory of the war days


The traditional "Zemlyanka" was held in the square of the Tiraspol united museum. This is the name of a meeting of soldiers from the frontline, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which is held every year on the eve of Victory Day. Under the songs of the war years, at one big table, those who passed the war with weapons in arms, gathered for the front in the rear, fought with the enemy in partisan detachments, experienced the horrors of the fascist ghettos, all who, on May days, joyfully met the Great Victory.

One of them is Galina Shcherbina. During the war, her family, who lived in Novoantonovka, Odessa region, fell into the occupation, but even then began to provide assistance to the organized partisan underground. As a 12-year-old child, Galina Shcherbina, along with her mother, knitted woolen socks, mittens for Soviet soldiers, and distributed antifascist leaflets.

The veteran also talked about how her two brothers went to the front, how, with tears of happiness, the soldiers-liberators were greeted before the eyes, how then from the ruins they restored the destroyed economy, for which Galina Scherbina was already in peace after the war and received her labor awards.

Those who visited "Zemlyanka" tried the soldier's porridge and were congratulated on the forthcoming holiday by the President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Prime Minister Alexander Martynov and Speaker of Parliament Alexander Scherba.

The President wished the veterans good health, noting that thanks to their memories of the war, the modern generation can really get in touch with a living history, learn about the military feat from the first mouth. Despite the fact that Nazi ideas in some countries are cultivated today, only the memory of the past can become a guarantee of peace for the people according to the President.

Pridnestrovians just like the Russians preserving the people's memory rely on universal values, according to the speaker. Alexander Shcherba expressed gratitude to the veterans and called on the Pridnestrovians to come to the main square on May 9 to take part in the celebrations and join the already traditional mass event "Immortal Regiment" to once again show how important and strong for us is the connection between the past and the future.