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In memory of the feat of medical workers


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky and Supreme Council Deputy Ilona Tyuryaeva opened today a memorial sign in front of the building of the Faculty of Medicine of PSU in Tiraspol. The inscription on black granite is: "To medical workers - participants of the Great Patriotic War, local wars and emergency response personnel".

The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Alexander Korshunov, Deputy of the Parliament, Head physician of the republican clinical hospital Vladimir Pelin, doctors and members of the public.

It is symbolic that the monument was created in the Year of Health, and opened on the eve of the Day of the medical and pharmaceutical worker. The idea belongs to the PMR Supreme Council Deputy Ilona Tyuryaeva. Grandfather and grandmother of Ilona Tyuryaeva - Konstantin and Militsa Bukanovs - were military doctors, went through the whole war, Victory was met in Berlin. After the war, Konstantin Bukanov was sent as an infectious disease doctor in Pridnestrovie: there was an outbreak of malaria in the Slobodzeya district. Then, Konstantin Bukanov had been the head doctor of the Tiraspol City Hospital and worked in the clinic for many years. Ilona Tyuryaeva is sure that the work of doctors and all medical workers cannot be overestimated.

The idea of ​​Ilona Tyuryaeva about the erection of a monument to medical workers - participants of the Great Patriotic War, local wars and emergency responders was supported by Vadim Krasnoselsky. Today, the President called this memorial sign a symbol of gratitude and respect to all medical workers.

The Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov noted that the opening of the memorial to professionals who at different times saved their lives at the cost of their lives is now very symbolic.