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In memory of the first victims of the Bendery tragedy


26 years have passed since the beginning of the military aggression of Moldova against Pridnestrovian people. Although the date of the beginning of the Bendery tragedy is June 19, 1992, the first blood in the city flew in the spring. Then, on April 1 in the city, two armored vehicles of the Moldovan OPON entered treacherously and opened fire on the patrol car of the Pridnestrovian militia police and shot a bus passing by workers with cotton-spinning workers. Annually, residents of the city and Pridnestrovians come to the place of these events to commemorate the victims of aggression. This year, along with residents of Bendery and relatives of the deceased, President Vadim Krasnoselsky, representatives of the government, deputies of the Supreme and local Soviets took part in a mourning meeting.

That time, many world media outlets described what had happened in Bendery as a result of the constitutional order by the Moldovan authorities. Today a number of non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Moldova support the escalation of the conflict and demonstrate the ideas of revanchism. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, the killing of civilians can not be called anything other than a crime, so you should always remember the tragedy that happened again so that it does not happen again.

The first victims of those tragic events were the Pridnestrovian militiamen Anatoly Petrov, Igor Grek, who died on the spot, and Grigory Echin, who died from his injuries in the hospital. In his honor the street where the collision occurred was named. When the bus was shot with workers, a peaceful resident, Elena Sprynchanu, was killed. A living witness to those events was the militiaman Sergei Boyko. He received multiple bullet wounds.

Pridnestrovian guardsmen came to help traffic militiamen that morning, whose quarters were located a few blocks from the site of the armed incident, as well as the militiamen of a pilot experimental repair plant. They were attacked by Moldovan armored vehicles. On the straight line of fire were Guard Victor Taranov, as well as militiamen Alexander Barbakar and Sergei Babuyok. All of them died. Another 14 people were injured. In memory of those killed in that tragic day for Bendery, representatives of the authorities, citizens, public workers laid flowers to a memorial place on the Echin street, as well as to the graves of the dead heroes in the city cemetery.

The Deputy also noted that Pridnestrovians will always be grateful to the Russian soldiers who came to help in a difficult time for the republic. Peacekeepers of the Russian Federation to this day cherish a peaceful life on the Pridnestrovian land.