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21 deputies are members of “The Obnovlenie” parliamentary faction at present. Members of “The Obnovlenie” are the basis of the deputy corps, operative replenishment of the legal basis of the republic largely depends on them.

The Chairman of the faction informed the members about the Sunday elections to the State Duma, in which 6.070 people took part. Alexander Yaroshuk scored 75% of the votes of Pridnestrovian Russians, Yevgeny Primakov - 78%. According to Peter Pasat, the congress of "The United Russia" is planned in November. It is not excluded that the deputies of the Supreme Council, members of “The Obnovlenie” parliamentary faction will also be invited to participate in its work. “The Obnovlenie” (Renewal) concluded an agreement on cooperation with "The United Russia" 11 years ago.

Members of the faction discussed some issues on the agenda of the upcoming plenary session. In particular, it was about the legislative initiative of the PMR Prosecutor Anatoly Guretsky that the state administrations of cities and regions allocate agricultural land and land from the state fund for the redistribution of land based on the competition. The agricultural land was taken from some land users and communicated to others in previous years, this phenomenon was called "black redistribution" in society. Numerous violations of this kind were recorded during the prosecutor's inspections conducted in 2017.

Without detracting from the importance of competitive procedures in which the allocation of land does not depend on the subjective opinion of an individual official, a number of deputies expressed fears that land users who have small plots of land at their disposal will a priori lose the competitive struggle to large tenants of land in these conditions.

Certain disputes were caused by the legislative assignment of the service for the export of solid household waste to communal services (the corresponding draft law was prepared for adoption in the second reading). Deputy Alexander Korshunov is for this.

Assigning it to communal is very important, as it directly relates to the legal framework for granting benefits to certain categories of citizens.

The head of the legislative body Alexander Shcherba informed his colleagues that the law-in-draft "On the republican budget for 2019", has not yet entered the Supreme Council, although this term is September 10 under the current legislation. This is due to the fact that now the government is considering the PRB draft guidelines for the monetary policy for the next year. It is not possible to draft a state treasury without this document.