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On the Day of Russia - together with Russia


Day of Russia in Pridnestrovie, although not a day off, but a holiday. Thousands of citizens came to the main street of the capital to demonstrate unity with the great homeland. Representatives of enterprises, public organizations, authorities, people of different generations and nationalities took part in the festive procession from the Drama Theater to the central square of Suvorov. Russian and Pridnestrovian flags are in the hands of everyone. Many came to the holiday with their children and grandchildren.

According to the representative of the Pridnestrovian Cossacks, at the 2006 referendum the Pridnestrovians made the only right choice - to be an independent state and part of the Russian world.

On a festive day, the deputies of the Supreme Council are in the same ranks with the Pridnestrovians. The parliamentarian Sergei Cheban is sure: Pridnestrovie is inseparable from Russia. We are united not only by the past, but also by the present with Russians.

A lot of young people participated in the festive procession. Representatives of the Pridnestrovian Youth Parliament, who themselves are active organizers of various patriotic actions, came to the holiday with a full staff.

For the inhabitant of Tiraspol Alexander, who came to the celebration together with his young son, the significance of the holiday is beyond doubt.

Pridnestrovians at the end of the march on the Day of Russia were congratulated by the President of the Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky. The holiday continued with a festive concert.