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On the birthday of Tiraspol


The words of congratulations and wishes of happiness, peace and goodness to the capital of Pridnestrovie and its inhabitants were addressed by the Supreme Council deputies.

“Look how our beautiful city of Tiraspol is changing and opening up in a completely new way. We all accept this with gratitude. I would like to thank everyone who gives birth to these ideas for transforming the city. To thank our President, Government, Head of administration, all local deputies and those people who are involved. I wish prosperity to our city of Tiraspol, our capital. I would like the brightest and most beautiful events in everyone's life to take place in our beloved city,” said Galina Antyufeyeva, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council, in her congratulations.

“Happy birthday, beloved city! We are all together trying to make you more beautiful. We have a lot to work. I want to wish the residents happiness, good luck, and, most importantly, health. I wish you that as soon as possible we all together defeat the pandemic, so that we start communicating, as we used to communicate. Happy birthday, residents of the city of Tiraspol! " - Deputy of the Supreme Council Grigory Dyachenko congratulated Tiraspol residents on the City Day.

“It's my birthday today. I was born here, grew up, saw the city differently. Today I can safely say that for the first time in many years the city has begun to gain in beauty and infrastructure at a very high rate. Social facilities, kindergartens and schools are being repaired. New commercial facilities appear, roads improve, the city becomes brighter and more beautiful. The people, it seems to me, smile even more. The programs of the Capital Investment Fund and the Voter Mandate Fund are working today. All branches of Government are consolidated working in one direction - to improve the living conditions of our citizens. It is very important. Dear Tiraspol, Happy Holidays! " - said the Deputy of the Supreme Council Igor Buga in his congratulations.