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Travel privilege is established for volunteers and medical students


Volunteers and students of the Faculty of Medicine of PSU, who are involved in the fight against coronavirus, will receive the right to travel free of charge on public transport. The corresponding law-in-draft, which was sent by the President of the PMR in the mode of legislative necessity, the deputies of the Supreme Council adopted today at a plenary session in two readings at once.

Changes were made to the law on measures of state support during the period of emergency and quarantine, which was adopted in April 2020.

Benefits for volunteers and future doctors will be provided for travel in urban, suburban and intercity minibuses and trolleybuses.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Galina Antyufeyeva emphasized that the deputies unanimously supported the law-in-draft and expressed gratitude to the volunteers.

95 medical students will receive the right to travel free of charge according to the PSU and the Operations Center: most of all in Tiraspol and Bendery (30 and 20 people, respectively), in Rybnitsa and Slobodzeya districts - 13 and 12 future doctors. In other cities and regions, from 6 to 4 students will be able to travel for free in transport and monitor the condition of patients with COVID who are at home.

The number of volunteers who help older people undergoing treatment at home, and those who are in quarantine, and who receive the right to free travel in public transport of all types - 247. Most of the volunteers are also involved in the capital. Each of them, while fulfilling their mission, will be able to ride public transport for free up to 6 times a day, starting from December 2020. Reimbursement of benefits to transport companies will be carried out from the republican budget in 2021.

Volunteers must have a certificate or a certificate issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Medical students have a student card or a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.