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The Conditions for Master's Degree obtaining


Graduates of the bachelor's degree will be able to continue their studies in the master's degree only in the profile direction. The law-in-draft of the deputies of the Education Committee today was supported in the first reading by colleagues at a plenary online meeting. Parliamentarians consider that if a student studied at a bachelor's degree, for example, in the direction of "sociology", then he can enter the magistracy in the same direction - "sociology" or "political science".

Changes are being made to the law "On higher and postgraduate vocational education", which will spell out the conditions that obtaining a "master's" qualification is possible on the basis of undergraduate educational programs. The new rule will not apply to those who graduated from the specialty.

Deputies of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic will continue to work on the law-in-draft for consideration in the second final reading.