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Abolition of the institution of power of attorney


A person needed until now a power of attorney from the owner if he sits behind the wheel of someone else's vehicle, in addition to a driver's license, registration certificate and insurance according to current legislation. The document can be drawn up by a notary or executed in simple written form. According to the president, who is the author of the legislative initiative, the presence or absence of a power of attorney does not affect road safety. It is difficult in addition to determine its authenticity for objective reasons if a document is drawn up in handwritten form.

These circumstances according to the PMR President make it possible to exclude the provision of the law on the mandatory presence of a power of attorney to drive a vehicle. It should be noted that the adoption of the proposed amendment does not restrict vehicle owners to issue powers of attorney, since this institution is enshrined in the PMR Civil Code.

In general, the deputies of the Supreme Council supported the president's initiative. The law-in-draft at the initiative of the Committee on Agroindustrial Complex and Transport was supplemented with an amendment that relates to insured events. In the original version, the question remained open as to who would compensate material damage in the event of an accident: the person who was driving, or the owner of the vehicle. The new norm of the law obliges the owner of the vehicle, who transfers control, to issue OSAGO policy for an unlimited number of persons, or for the person to whom the control of transport has been transferred. Mandatory when driving a vehicle will remain the presence of a driver's license and a document for the transport itself (technical passport).

The Supreme Council adopted the law-in-draft in two readings at once.