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The Central Election Commission celebrated its 30th anniversary


The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap and Chairman of the PMR CEC Elena Gorodetskaya took part in the award ceremony on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the PMR Central Election Commission. The distinguished employees and veterans of the CEC were awarded medals, badges, certificates of honor and letters of thanks.

Managers and ordinary workers, teachers, workers of factories, these people are directly involved in the conduct and organization of elections. The Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov awarded 19 members of the Central and Territorial Electoral Commissions with certificates of honor of the Supreme Council.

Veronika Kunitskaya is the deputy chairman of the district election commission for the Slobodzeya district. She has been taking part in organizing and holding elections for more than five years, so she knows firsthand how great the role of the CEC is. She was awarded a certificate of honor of the PMR Supreme Council on the jubilee day.

The Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council added: thanks to the work and dedication of the representatives of the CEC and territorial election commissions, the republic has an electoral system that meets all international standards. We can say that all the governing bodies of the Pridnestrovian state today are legitimate, because they are elected by the people.

The Central Election Commission has held 7 referendums and 16 republican election campaigns over the years. Today, approximately 4 thousand people are involved in this system - they are members of election commissions of various levels. There are 8 youth election commissions; these are 150 young, creative and proactive Pridnestrovians. Together, they ensure the legality and transparency of all elections.