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The territory of young and purposeful


"Mars" - the territory of young and purposeful - this year gathered a record number of participants. They came here almost from all the cities and regions of Pridnestrovie. Two girls are from Russia. A total of 186 children aged 14 to 18. However, there are those who are only ten.

A grand opening was held on Sunday. Construction, solemn lifting of the PMR flag to the sounds of the anthem, congratulations and parting speeches ... Many children come to the camp not for the first time and always look forward to new meetings with friends. On the picturesque bank of the Turunchuk river there are rows of tents, there are places for classes, meals and, of course, bathing.

The initiators of the opening of the camp 14 years ago were "Afghans" and defenders of the republic from Dnestrovsk. Currently, it is held under the patronage of the Pridnestrovian Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan.

The internationalist warrior congratulated the guys on the opening of the camp, wished them a good rest, learned the basics of military affairs in order to become real defenders of the Motherland.

A deputy of the Supreme Council from Dnestrovsk wished the children to gain strength and positive emotions. As a gift, he brought volleyball and soccer balls.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Tsurcan, the military-patriotic camp gives an opportunity not only to learn new things, to find friends, but also to learn firsthand about the history of Pridnestrovie, the protection of the republic in the 1992. The head of Slobodzeya district Vasily Tishchenko expressed special gratitude to the organizers of the camp "Mars".

Within ten days children will be engaged in military and special training under the guidance of 30 experienced instructors. For strict implementation of the rules, the safety of children, their way of life and study will be monitored by the head of the camp "Mars" Sergei Marchenko. Dismantling and assembling automatic weapons, the basics of hand-to-hand combat, overcoming obstacles - that's far from a complete list of what the "Marsovtsy" will do. And of course, life in the camp is a great opportunity to spend summer vacation actively. So that it will be remembered for many years.