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Galina Antyufeyeva, “We are here today to remember the feat of Soviet soldiers”


By the 78th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the International Memorial Event “Candle of Memory” was held in the cities and districts of the republic. Pridnestrovians recalled the millions of people who were victims of the massive tragedy. The first persons of the state, representatives of public organizations, residents and guests of the capital came to honor the memory of Soviet soldiers at the Memorial of Glory in Tiraspol. The event started at 3.45. Candles were burning on the memorial plates. The names of the fallen soldiers, carved forever in granite, lit up with the light of grateful memory at that hour.

Tiraspol residents have taken part in the International Memorial Action for the third year. In 2017, it was initiated by Dmitry Zelenkov, the head of the OGRF. Then thousands of Pridnestrovians responded to the event.

The Pridnestrovian State Choir opened a memorable event, performing “Ave, Maria!”. The participants of the action could see the “After graduation” theatrical performance. 78 years ago, yesterday's schoolchildren met the dawn, shared their plans for the future, and Levitan’s voice, which sounded at four in the morning on June 22, divided the life of graduates into before and after.

The event continued with the laying of flowers at the Eternal Flame and the graves of soldiers and officers. The memorable event was completed by launching white balloons into the sky.