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The Development Strategy: specific Content


Members of the Presidium of the Supreme Council discussed the inclusion of a number of legislations on the agendas of the upcoming plenary sessions. There is a law-in-draft among them amending and supplementing the law “On the Public Chamber of the PMR”. The authors of the legislative initiative are Igor Buga, Pavel Shinkaryuk, Ruslan Gareev and Andrei Safonov. The Committee on Public Associations, Sports, Information and Youth Policy prepared a document for consideration in the second reading.

The submitted by the legislators amendments are clarifying in nature. Their adoption is due to the need to describe in detail the procedure for recalling a member of the Public Chamber, as well as presenting a new candidate for the place of the withdrawn member. Members of the profile committee recommended the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in the second reading and send it to the President for signing and promulgation.

Alexander Shcherba informed that the Supreme Council received an order from the President.

Work has already begun in the relevant committees of the Supreme Council. Alexander Korshunov, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance spoke about plans for the spring session.

A strategic planning document is necessary in any state, the head of the profile committee said. He recalled that in 2011 the Supreme Council made the first attempt to adopt it. Today there is such a document. The strategy determines how, in what direction and on what principles the republic will develop, sets goals and objectives in the sphere of domestic and foreign policy.

Members of the Presidium of the legislature decided to hold the first plenary meeting in the coming year and spring session on January 23.