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The status of the Public Chamber is enshrined in legislation


The parliamentarians at the plenary session reviewed the draft laws "On the Public Chamber" and "On the Basics of Public Control" in the second reading. New legislative acts for the republic on the instructions of the President were worked out by the deputies of the Supreme Council. The purpose of the draft laws is, firstly, to consolidate at the legislative level the status of the Public Chamber, its functions, the order of formation, and, in general, the introduction and development of such a format of interaction between the public and the government as public control.

The law-in-draft "On the Public Chamber" was adopted by the Supreme Council in final reading and sent for signature to the President. However, the law-in-draft "On the Basics of Public Control" requires consideration in the third reading. As Igor Buga noted, his text will not change, but it is planned to introduce amendments to the accompanying legislative acts.

Discussion of the legislations was held jointly with representatives of the Public Chamber and the General Pridnestrovian People's Forum. The agreement on cooperation was signed between the Supreme Council and the Public Chamber in September this year. The document was signed by the Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba and the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the PMR, a well-known public figure Vitaly Glebov signed and shook hands. The document provides for the participation of members of the Chamber in discussing draft laws relevant to society, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of their application.

In the opinion of parliamentarians, the interaction between society and the government will contribute to the improvement of the legislative base, will serve the development of public initiative at all levels of state management.