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The work on the draft basic law continues


Members of the advisory assembly of the first Pridnestrovian deputies under the 222 of the Supreme Council held the first meeting this year. The topic of discussion is the law-in-draft "On state support of investment activities". It should be recalled that along with other drafts developed by the government of the republic, on February 28 they were adopted by the parliament in the first reading. The basic law-in-draft is aimed at regulating relations regarding investments, including foreign ones, determining the legal, organizational and economic bases for carrying out investment activities in our republic. As measures of state stimulation of investment activity, it is envisaged to reduce the taxable base for corporate income tax, establish preferential rates of unified social tax. In addition, there are prescribed benefits for payment for land, provision of state full-scale grants and investment subsidies. Thus, the law-in-draft provides for reducing the obligation to pay corporate income tax for a period of 10 years for investment priority projects with an investment volume of more than 500,000 euros.

Chairman of the advisory assembly Igor Smirnov called the law-in-draft very important for the state. The arrival of investors will contribute to the creation of new export-oriented enterprises, modernization and expansion of production, inflow of currency proceeds, replenishment of the budget.

The meeting participants discussed the amendments presented by the working group created by the deliberative meeting. The founders of the republic expressed confidence that the law is necessary. It should contain guarantees for those who want to invest in the Pridnestrovian economy. The "rules of the game" for investors should be understandable and long-term.

According to Viktor Guzun, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry, it is important that all interested parties are involved in the discussion of this topical issue. These are public organizations, business representatives, and the first Pridnestrovian deputies who formed the legislative base in the investment sphere.

In the opinion of the members of the deliberative meeting, the basic law governing the relationship between the state and investors should clearly define the norms of direct action, and not referrals. This is important for those wishing to invest in the Pridnestrovian economy not looking for the necessary information in other legislative acts. Everything should be spelled out in the law. In the opinion of the first deputies, it is necessary to prescribe priority activities for which the state will provide preferences also in the law, and not in by-laws, as defined in the version of the law-in-draft "On state support of investment activities" proposed by the government. A number of issues arose with regard to the expediency of creating an authorized body for investments. As Victor Guzun emphasized, all these and other proposals, in particular, prepared by the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie will be thoroughly studied by the deputies of the Supreme Council. The final decision will be made by the legislature.

At the end of the work the founders of the republic went to the central square of the city, in order to take part in patriotic event "To the future together with Russia".