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Social Support of Citizens


Deputies supported the legislative initiative of Yuri Kucherenko in the second final reading. The parliamentarian proposed to supplement the Civil Code with a norm allowing minors from 16 years of age to independently perform a number of banking operations. Now young people will be able to carry out cashless payments. In this case, parental consent is not required. Lawmakers have emphasized this is especially true for college and university students.

A legislative initiative, which has a pronounced social orientation was supported by deputies. Vice Speaker Galina Antyufeyeva proposed to establish a mechanism for additional material incentives for public sector employees. We are talking about organizations that have developed savings.

The norm will be valid until the end of this year. It is planned in the future to register in the draft budget 2019.

Deputies in the first reading adopted sent by the Government law-in-draft. It is proposed to introduce allowances for employees of the health care system, social security for harmful working conditions. According to the legislation, the allowances will be from 10 to 75 MW, depending on working conditions. These payments were canceled in 2015 due to a 7% reduction in the wage fund.