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Social burden of the State


Following the example of other states, a common electronic database of vacancies will be created in Pridnestrovie. This idea underlies the innovations adopted in the final reading of the law "On Employment".

Thanks to the adoption of the law, employers will have a new convenient search mechanism for those who are looking for work. This is an opportunity to quickly and without unnecessary difficulties post their resume for those who want to find a job. The vacancy bank will contain comprehensive information about job seekers, attractive employment opportunities in Pridnestrovie, complete and reliable data on vacancies in each city and region of the republic. The job supply and demand market is activated, and the employer will find the employee and vice versa more quickly.

The launch of the project, according to which, as they say, without leaving home, online it will be possible to obtain information about vacancies throughout the republic, is planned from next year. Over time, he will be able to become part of the portal of public services. Today these sections are available for job seekers and for employers on the website of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund.

Another distinctive feature of the new information system “Bank of vacancies and resumes of job seekers in the republic” will be that it will not have territorial borders, all Pridnestrovians will be able to know about job offers.

For reference: at present, more than 3000 unemployed are registered with employment promotion centers throughout the republic. They have about 3800 vacancies.

Continuing the line of social support for citizens, deputies of the Supreme Council unanimously voted for the adoption of amendments to the law "On the provision of benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth of citizens subject to state social insurance". They are aimed at increasing the period during which citizens in case of caring for a cancer patient under the age of 18 are paid temporary disability benefits.

The current legislation does not yet take into account cases of serious illnesses of children with malignant neoplasms that require long-term treatment of the child on an outpatient basis, as well as the joint stay of the parent and child in a medical institution while providing the patient with medical care in stationary conditions. They decided to correct the situation: sick leave benefits will be paid for the entire period of outpatient treatment or a joint stay with a child in an inpatient hospital. Its duration can reach up to eight months.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of children with malignant neoplasms registered in 2018 amounted to 308 people, 287of which - children under 14 years of age. The increase in paid days of incapacity for work for insured citizens, of course, will require additional material costs. According to preliminary data, this will require more than 600 thousand rubles. It is assumed that this amount will be included in the draft budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund for 2020.

Among the adopted by parliamentarians in the first reading is another law of a social nature. They were exempted from invalids for maintenance and repair of elevators of group I invalids of the general disease, labor injury, occupational disease, illness received during the military service, invalids from childhood of group I, as well as children under three years of age.

It is planned that the norms adopted by the Supreme Council of the law will enter into force on January 1, 2020.