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To keep professional potential


The Supreme Council adopted a package of legislative initiatives in the first reading, supporting the proposal of a group of parliamentarians to raise the age limit for the appointment of a judge of the Constitutional Court and removal of age limits for the chairman of the judicial body. Earlier, the authors noted that there is a shortage of judicial personnel in the republic, which does not allow the city and district courts to be properly staffed, and, as a result, causes difficulties in the formation of the Constitutional Court.

Representatives of the judicial community positively characterized the changes in legislation, agreed that in the work of judges of all levels the professional experience and high moral qualities is important.

In order to keep the professional potential of the judicial body, the legislative initiatives of the government were also considered, providing for an increase in the remuneration of judges of the Supreme, Arbitration, Constitutional Courts of General Jurisdiction, as well as workers engaged in judicial proceedings. The parliamentarians adopted it in the second, final reading. The increase in salaries for judges is scheduled for August 1. At the same time, parliamentarians expressed hope that the taken measures will make the justice system more effective.

The improvement of the norms of the Law "On the Commissioner for Human Rights" provides for a legislative initiative prepared by the acting Ombudsman Vyacheslav Kosinsky. In particular, the law-in-draft complements the list of requirements for a candidate for the post of Commissioner for Human Rights. In addition to the citizenship of the PMR, the term of residence in the territory of the republic for at least five years and the age of at least 35 years, the applicant must have a higher legal education. The legislative initiative was adopted by the Supreme Council in the first reading.