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Military service, civil service


The deputies adopted a number of legislations relating to military and civil service. The changes and additions to the basic law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service” initiated by the President were presented to the parliamentarians by the Defense Minister Oleg Obruchkov. According to the head of the defense department, some amendments to the basic law were caused by a number of changes in the principles of the formation of the republic’s Armed Forces. This is, first of all, electronic registration of citizens, automation of military registration, production of registration, discharge, registration of citizens, including those liable for military service, exclusively in the passport offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, changing the mechanism for forming medical conscription commissions, conducting medical examinations, etc.

Deputies of the Supreme Council adopted the law-in-draft in the first reading.

The parliamentarians in the second, final reading adopted another law-in-draft, initiated by the President of the Republic, which also introduced amendments to the law “On Universal Military Duty and Military Service”. The reason for its development, consideration and adoption by the legislature was the numerous appeals of citizens, mainly from among the defenders of Pridnestrovie, to state authorities with a request to increase the period of stay in the reserve. The essence of legislative innovations is that citizens who have reached the age limit in the reserve may be given the right, at their request, to extend it for another 5 years. The new legal norm applies to “storerooms” fit for military service for health reasons.

The adoption of the law will allow citizens of the PMR to continue to participate in measures to improve military skills, will increase the number of citizens who comprise the mobilization resource of the state. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on its mobilization readiness, say the people's representatives.

The topic of military service, linking it with the civil service, was supported by deputies of the Supreme Council Igor Buga, Andrei Safonov and Ruslan Gareev with their legislative initiatives. The amendments and additions developed by them for the two laws - “On the State Civil Service of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” and “On the Universal Military Duty and Military Service” - were considered in the framework of the current plenary session. The authors note the need to create conditions for the growth of prestige and attractiveness of military service. Much has been done for this at the legislative level: the service life has been reduced, alternative service has been introduced, military servicemen undergo it during working hours (from 8:00 to 18:00), recruitment periods have been changed, soldiers have the opportunity to serve and study in parallel. In this regard, the authors of legislative initiatives believe that a prerequisite for a person to hold a civil servant position is the passage of fixed military service in a timely manner.

Legislative initiatives of colleagues caused a mixed opinion among some deputies. In particular, the deputy Peter Pasat was interested in: do they not violate human rights?

At the same time, Igor Buga informed that when preparing the law-in-draft for the second reading, it is necessary to decide on the date for enactment of the law. Its adoption will also require further development of a number of by-laws.