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Words of thanks and gifts to veterans


On behalf of the President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeyeva and Deputy of the Tiraspol City Council Irina Bondarenko presented anniversary medals, material assistance and flowers to veterans.

Over 1000 veterans remain in Pridnestrovie. A great era is leaving with them, but the memory of the terrible years of the war, of the exploits of the Soviet people and soldiers of the Red Army should always remain in the memory of descendants.

Galina Antyufeyeva noted that it is very important not only to present awards to veterans, but also to see them, listen to their stories and pay attention to them.

These days, deputies of the Supreme Council each in his constituency congratulate veterans on the upcoming holiday - the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. Words of gratitude and appreciation are addressed to those who, through their feat, have preserved the world, defended freedom and the right to live and build in their native land.

8Veterans of the district number 3 of Deputy Oleg Petrik received so-called front-line kits. Most importantly - they expressed words of deep gratitude and appreciation. For surviving, for living and talking about the war and about the victory, at such a high price.

“Our banner is the banner of Victory”, “To the Warrior-Liberator”, “For the Motherland”. Almost 30 posters for the anniversary of the Great Victory appeared in Larionova Street in Tiraspol. Preparing for May 9 is at the constituency number 36 of the Supreme Council Deputy Ilona Tyuryaeva. The posters appeared on the doorways of houses. The deputies of the district congratulate the residents of the republic on Victory Day. This is an annual promotion. A memorial calendar is a gift to voters with photos from events held in the constituency, meetings with veterans. This year, Pridnestrovians will celebrate Victory Day in the family circle.

On May 9, concerts for veterans will be held in the neighborhoods of Tiraspol. Katyusha and Smuglyanka songs will sound. A metronome will sound throughout the republic, which will count a minute of silence at seven in the evening. Pridnestrovians will be able to take part in the Immortal Regiment campaign from home. You can go with portraits of war heroes to the balcony or to the yard of a private house and light a candle for memory.