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Difficult year for agrarians


The weather this year, as in the past, was unfavorable to field and fruit crops. Situation with rains was catastrophic. Crop of winter grains died at more than 60 thousand hectares, - these are wheat, barley, rapeseed, rye. The damage amounted to 571 million rubles.

The second blow was done by spring frosts. The ovaries of fruit crops died. Apricot is almost 100%, peach and cherry - 90%. The situation is not much better for cherries, apples and plums. Losses are about 50%.

According to the deputies, who themselves are agricultural producers, farmers have enough problems today. The borders of states due to a pandemic are closed. Products cannot be sold, working capital is not enough. Difficulties in purchasing spare parts and fuels and lubricants for agricultural machinery. Agrarians increase the area of ​​irrigated land and develop land reclamation even in these difficult conditions. The state helps in this matter - the tariffs for electricity consumed by pumps for pumping water have been reduced.

The Government has developed a set of measures to support the agricultural sector. This is preferential lending for replenishment of working capital, exemption from land tax, share collection and fixed agricultural tax from lands where the death of the crop is recorded. The income tax rate has been reduced for enterprises that process crops.

Now the law-in-draft on supporting the agro-industrial complex is at the final stage. The Ministry of Agriculture, Deputies and the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs make their proposals. The Supreme Council plans to adopt a law on supporting the agro-industrial complex in final reading at the next plenary meeting.