The Supreme Council
of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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Alexander Shcherba, "Airborne troops on merit are included in the elite of the army"


Dear soldiers - paratroopers and veterans of the airborne troops!

On behalf of the Supreme Council of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and me personally please receive my congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces!

The airborne troops are on merit part of the army elite. True to the motto "No one but us!" paratroopers are always among the first to find themselves at the hottest points, successfully performing the most difficult and dangerous tasks in the fight against the enemy. Unparalleled courage

And the fearlessness of the airborne troops, manifested during the Great Patriotic War, in local conflicts, are written in gold letters in the history and forever remain in the memory of grateful descendants.

Fidelity to civil and human ideals and cohesion allow the landing fraternity to take an active life position, demonstrate a real male friendship.

I am sure that all of you, who have passed the school of courage of the Airborne Forces, will continue to keep sacred the fighting traditions, loyalty to the Motherland, swearing-in and fighting brotherhood, transferring your invaluable experience to the younger generation.

I wish good health, hardness of spirit, happiness and a peaceful sky above your head to you and your families!


Chairman of the Supreme Council

Pridnestrovie Moldavian Republic

A.S. Shcherba