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They stepped into adulthood


The ceremony of honoring graduates was held in the Republican cadet boarding school named after F Dzerzhinsky. This year the institution produces 37 young people. This festive day, the boys put on their uniforms and graduate red ribbons. The Minister of Internal Affairs Ruslan Mova congratulated graduates. He thanked the parents and the entire staff of the institution for their efforts in bringing up these men - worthy continuers of the profession of law enforcement.

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet Sergey Khankevich congratulated the graduates of the cadet school.

After the graduation ceremony, the graduates demonstrated skill of skillful possession of weapons. One of the most solemn and touching moments of the graduation is the farewell to the school banner. All five years of training the cadets were looking up to the banner. Today they took off their caps and bowed their knee, bidding farewell to the banner. Then all the students passed a solemn march. Graduates-cadets at parting toss coins into the air for happiness and shout out the short word "All!". The graduated ceremony ended with a traditional school waltz.

The Republican Cadet boarding school has been preparing future defenders of the fatherland for 15 years. The majority of graduates continue their studies in the military universities of the republic: the Tiraspol Law Institute named after M. I. Kutuzov and the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense.