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The Step to strengthen Friendship between Nations


The Fortress in Bendery met today representatives of embassies of 15 states. A social and cultural event “Peace for the Future” took place here. Its goal is to unite representatives of different nations around universal values ​​and ideas aimed at preserving peace and friendship of nations for the sake of a prosperous future. The event was opened by a concert of the State Symphony Orchestra. Classic works of famous authors sounded for the guests in the hall of the hotel complex "Old Bastion". The delegation visited the chapel and the church of St. A. Nevsky, where the Pridnestrovian state choir perfomed. Then the tour continued in the citadel of Bendery fortress.

At the end of the event, the Alley of Peace was set on the territory of the historic military memorial complex. A dozen cedars were planted by state officials and embassy representatives.

The tradition of holding informal meetings at a high diplomatic level continues in the republic. This was said by Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev.